Warp 9 Flat Track 19" Front & Rear Wheels

Warp 9
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Warp 9 19" Flat Track Wheel Set


  • Elite 7050 Series Aluminum Rims (Black only)
  • 19x2.15 or 19x2.50 Front & 19x2.50 or 19x3.0 Rear Sizes
  • Aluminum Hubs anodized in your choice of color
  • Stainless Steel Spokes and Spoke Nipples ("Silver")
  • Sprockets are black aluminum. If you do not want the Warp9 sprocket that is fine but keep in mind some models do not use a stock sprocket bolt pattern so you may not be able to use your stock sprocket. Email for details or just select a rear sprocket to avoid issues.
  • Stainless Steel Rear Rotor (OEM Size)
  • Front Rotor options include; OEM Size; 320mm with caliper adapter bracket; and, 320mm Apex Floating Rotor (available on most models.) If the Apex is not available on your model you will be refunded and a fixed 320mm rotor will be installed instead. Beta X-Trainer, Sherco, & TM Racing models come with a stock sized rotor
  • Several Chain Options to make changing your wheels over a breeze!
  • Spacers included when applicable (If your wheels DO NOT come with spacers it simply means you need to use your stock spacers) 
  • Trail Tech computers available for models that Warp9 hubs will not work with your stock speedometer/odometer such as XR models. KTM and all models using a magnetic pick up can purchase one here Warp 9 Speedometer Magnet. CRF-X, DRZ, and WR-F Models have the option of using your stock speedo. If you have/use the stock speedo select your model and (Using Stock Speedo) if you already have or plan to use a Trail Tech or other aftermarket speedo/computer select (Using Aftermarket Speedo)
  • Need Tires?? We have great deals on wheel and tire packages. When bought as a package you get a free mount and balance (where applicable). Please visit us here Warp 9 Flat Track 19" Front & Rear Wheels with Tires to check them out!


Wheels are all built-to-order and builds times vary significantly depending on the season, model, color options, etc. The build time can range from 2 weeks to 8 weeks. COVID-19 has not helped with the busy season taking longer so please be patient and know your order was put in the queue upon receipt and will be built as soon as humanly possible. Please review our "terms and conditions" during checkout for further details. We will notify you via email if your order is going to be longer than the standard turn around time. Please note: your order status will show as "Awaiting Fulfillment" during this build process. Just know this means your order has been sent to the build team and is in the queue waiting for parts and/or it's turn to be built. This will stay the same until they are ready to ship at which time your order will update to shipped and you will receive an email with the tracking info. If at any time you need assistance please call or email. 

Warp 9 is a company addressing the needs of offroad riders looking for high quality yet affordable rim and wheel assemblies. But don't let their prices fool you, Warp 9 uses only the highest grade stainless steel and aluminum available. As riders, they saw that the current trend in offroad wheels is that they are priced too high for the working class guy and also do not come complete, adding to the additional cost and frustration. 

**No one warranties a wheel but Warp 9 comes pretty close. If you have any problems with your wheel just send it to them with $60 and they will replace anything you break! Spokes, hub or rim! They will repair or replace it and send it back to you. Like a warranty with a small deductible.

Warp 9 offers a warranty on all complete wheel assemblies. For a flat $60 fee they will repair or replace any damaged component and ship it back to you! Like a warranty with a small deductible.